Board Meeting Highlights April 12, 2022

event Published 2022-04-14T19:37:21.807Z

The board meeting agenda package can be found here:

School Calendar

At the April 12, 2022, public board meeting, the Prairie Rose Public Schools Board of Trustees revisited the previously approved 2022-2023 school year calendar. The calendar was brought back to the board to review following feedback from parents and staff citing concerns that the Prairie Rose calendar was not in alignment with neighbouring school division calendars. Specifically, concerns were raised regarding the difference around the Christmas break, as there would be challenges for both parents and staff to find childcare services and that the current calendar only included two full weekends within the break instead of three.

The following changes to the calendar were approved by the board by a vote of four (Haraga, Cursons, Hogg, Vanderspruit) to three (Bedwell, Dennis, Rooks) at the April 12th public meeting:

  • The Christmas break has been shifted to December 24th – January 8th. Students will still have an early dismissal day on December 23rd and will return on January 9th.
  • The SI day scheduled on November 14th has been moved to November 9th.

The revised calendar has been posted to the public documents section of the Prairie Rose website and is available for online viewing.

The approved calendar can be found here:

Mennonite Liaison Report

German/Mennonite Liaison (GML) Benita Neufeld provided an update to the board regarding the work she’s been doing to support Low German Mennonite (LGM) families across Prairie Rose Public Schools. It was shared that her primary role is to reduce barriers related to language and cultural differences for Mennonite families and assist them in making connections to appropriate supports. Additionally, the role of the GML is to support the Mennonite EA’s in the schools and to provide them with LGM appropriate educational resources. Since coming into the role last fall, Neufeld says she has focused on building trust with current and new families living in the school division and reaching out to the Schulz’s to understand how she can best support all families and students attending Prairie Rose Public Schools.

Financial Update

Assistant Secretary Treasurer Candice Hintz provided a financial update to the board for information. As of February 2022, the division was 50% of the way through the current fiscal year. It was noted that revenues are expected to come in $1,165,386 higher than budgeted, while expenses are forecast to come in $849,508 over budget. Overall, Prairie Rose is projecting a $315,878 decrease to the overall deficit for the 2021-2022 year, which is now expected to come in at $314,317 over budget. The complete Financial Update can be found in the Board Meeting Agenda package.

Capital Plan

The PRPS 2022-2025 Capital Plan was presented to the board for approval, following a complete evaluation of school facilities through Ferrari Westwood Babits Architects (FWBA). The first item on the board’s Capital Plan includes the Burdett/Bow Island solution with an estimated cost of $11.6 million. The second priority is the Redcliff solution which involves turning IF Cox School into a grade K-5 and a complete re-modernization of the current Parkside School to become a grade 6-9 school. The current Margaret Wooding School would become the new Prairie Mennonite School (K-9). The Redcliff solution is valued at $10.1 million dollars. The final two Capital Plan priorities include the consolidation and modernization of both Oyen Public School and South Central High School into one K-12 school ($14 million) and a facility modernization of Foremost School ($12.8 million). The board approved the Capital Plan as presented. The full Capital Plan can be found in the Board Meeting Agenda package.

Field Trips

The board approved two high risk school field trips: 

  • Margaret Wooding School grade 6 students will be participating in a visit to Super T Aviation and taking a ride in an airplane as part of their flight unit in Science.
  • Seven Persons School junior high students will be participating in an Outward Bound Outdoor Leadership trip to Kananaskis from June 1st to June 4th.

Other items

  • The board voted to approve the renaming of Rural Futures School to South Alberta High School.
  • Draft GP14 Trustee Honorarium and Expense Reimbursement was tabled until September 2022.